History of Mach 1 in Malaysia
Other than the date of commencement in 2000 I don't really have much info to put here yet. I suggest we combine this section with the "Milestones" section below. Giving a bit more detail to each milestone possibly with a picture to go with each milestone.
For example, if there is a picture of the early days Mach 1, possibly of Mr Pan, that could be used with the first milestone which would be the start of business in 2000. Once we have all the milestones we'll know which pictures can be used and if a picture is required for "every" milestone or just the important ones.
Milestones and Significant Dates
The current "Key Business Milestones" graph as used in the old company profile you gave me, provides very little info and is quite stale to look at. As above I'd like to combine these two section to provide more depth and greater interest.
To do that we would need much more info. We can discuss this on Saturday.
Our Staff & Culture
Mach 1 are dedicated to building an exceptional Team culture that positively impacts every aspect of our business. We aim to offer our employees both extraordinary challenges and great fulfilment.
It is our view that the employees are the most vital part of business and in order to grow as a company the staff must feel that they are the central element to its success.
We provide ongoing industry best training and support for all our staff, constantly assessing how we can help them create a rich and rewarding career with Mach 1.