A Message from Our
Executive Director
Putting the Mach 1 workforce at the very heart of the company allows us to deliver industry-best service to our customers; professional working practices for our business partners; and strong year-on-year results for our stakeholders.
By bringing together the very best team we could, I am proud that Mach 1 have been able to implement a three stage business model that continues to show positive results.
Stage 1: Building a fundamentally strong, capable and flexible team
Stage 2: Diversifying our key services to successfully incorporate new sectors
Stage 3: Regional growth. Successfully entering new markets across the region with the goal of becoming the foremost MHE provider in South East Asia.
Since the turn of the millennium Mach 1 has worked towards its goal of becoming the preeminent Material Handling Equipment solutions provider in Malaysia. Yet despite our accomplishments in a results drivin business, we have to acknowledge that our success is built on one key aspect... Teamwork.
Mach 1's multi-national workfoce is the foundation on which everything we do is built. It enables us to learn from each other, grow together, face challenges along side each other and celebrate our successes as a team.
Starting small, Mach 1 have grown substantially alongside our staff, customers, partners and stakeholders, yet at this exciting time for our business there are still many opportunities for us to journey towards.